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Making the Choice

We realise that choosing a care home to accommodate a relative, family member or friend can be a daunting task. People go to nursing homes for different reasons including if they have a short or long term illness, had surgery and need to recuperate or have chronic care needs or disabilities that require on-going nursing care.

Sometimes, care is needed on a short term basis, often referred to as respite care where the primary care-giver needs a rest. There are many aspects to consider, fundamental to which is the level of appropriate care that the resident will need balanced with their personality and needs. This is why Total Care encourages residents and families to visit the home so you can get to know the environs, meet staff and residents and get a feel for the home-from-home nature which Total Care has been so careful to create. Spending time with us is a great way to understand how we work so why not have a meal and chat to some of the staff and residents before making a decision? Visits have been difficult throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic and we are still exercising extreme care to protect our residents whilst learning to live with the virus.

Matron or her deputy will be pleased to show you around at the moment by appointment only and answer any questions you may have. We realise that in some cases, through circumstance, the decision to come into a nursing home may be one that has to be made quickly. Whilst this increases the pressure to make a choice, the management at Total Care will assist wherever possible. It may well be worth preparing some questions to give you time to assess your priorities before you arrive. Some things you might want to ask are listed below:

  • Are residents treated in a respectful manner?
  • Does the care home help residents participate in social, recreational, religious and cultural activities?
  • Can residents choose what time to get up or go to sleep?
  • Can residents have visitors at any time including early or late?
  • Can residents bring a pet or have visits from their pet?
  • Can residents bring personal possessions and furniture to personalise their room?
  • How does the nursing home ensure my privacy when I have visitors or need personal care?
  • Does the home produce a care plan and how do they know what is needed?
  • Are residents involved in creating and changing the care plan?
  • Can residents see their own doctor?
  • How do the staff handle residents who may be confused and wander about? Is everybody safe?
  • Are there plenty of staff and how long have they worked there?
  • Do the same staff take care of the same residents every day?
  • What types of therapy are available?
  • Can special diets including cultural needs be accommodated?
  • What type of meals are provided and is there a choice?
  • Is a copy of your Care Quality Commission (CQC) report available?

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the regulator of health and adult social care in England, whether it is provided by the NHS, local authorities, private companies (like Total Care) or voluntary organisations. Under existing rules, independent healthcare and adult social services must be registered with the CQC. The registration of organisations reassures the public when they receive a care service or treatment. It also enables the CQC to check that organisations continue to meet CQC standards.

The latest report for Total Care is available on the CQC website. Click on “Our Standards” at the top of this page.

To make arrangements for a visit, either telephone 0161 627 0027 during reception hours or email us at and we help with the arrangements.

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“Spending time with us is a great way to understand how we work so why not have a meal and chat to some of the staff and residents before making a decision?

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