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Life in Our Home

From its creation as a purposely designed and built care home, Total Care has placed great emphasis on ensuring the facility provides the most sympathetic and appropriate environment in which its patrons would enjoy the best possible care and living standards. These principles have endured as the home has continued to develop over the decades and the facilities have been enhanced. One of the original principles of Total Care was to create a home from home for every resident, irrespective of the level of care – a principle which endures to this day.

Total Care strives to deliver a service which is resident led. The opinions, thoughts and concerns of the residents and their families are used to direct the care services provided. Total Care encourages input from residents and families to comment on what is good and what can be improved or done differently. The opportunity to contribute in such a way is provided through resident meetings, satisfaction surveys, a suggestion box, a complaints procedure or simply through conversation.

If Something Goes Wrong.

Occasionally things go wrong and while we strive to prevent this we will acknowledge if there is a problem and we want you to tell us about it as soon as possible so that it can be resolved.

You can make a complaint in several ways, you can speak to the Unit Manager or person in charge who will attempt to sort out the problem immediately or you can ask to speak to the person in charge of the home. If Matron or her Deputy are not on shift this will be an experienced Nurse who will be able to help you and will ensure that matron is made aware of the complaint  when next on shift. The nurse in charge can be contacted by any member of staff or by reception.

We would always prefer that you raise your complaint with staff at the time so that the issue can be resolved as soon as possible and is not on-going while other agencies become involved and you are still able to contact them.

If you think the complaint constitutes abuse you may wish to ring Adult Protection on 0161 770 7777 (Mon – Fri 9-5, or Out of Hours 0161 770 1576) to raise a Safeguarding alert. This is again a time to let the nurse in charge know immediately so that the residents can be protected. You can also email Safeguarding at the Multi Agency Hub at

You can complete a Complaints form again available from staff or reception and we will respond to your complaint within 7 days and work through the complaint to resolve all areas.

You can complain to a Social worker who will put the complaint on your behalf, Oldham Council have a complaints department who will help resolve complaints or you can complain to CQC at

Care Quality Commission North West,

City Gate,


Newcastle-upon -Tyne.

NE1 4PA,

Tel No:- 03000 616171


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