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Our history: We all hold our National Health Service in high regard but medical advances are creating more demand for services, patient needs are constantly changing and an increasingly aging population with extended life expectancy, means the NHS remains under pressure.

In the decade from the late 1970’s to the late 1980’s, there was a significant reduction in the numbers of NHS hospital beds. This reflected political and economic change at the time and stimulated the demand and ultimately the supply of private residential and nursing home places.

There is a great deal of overlap between “residential care” and “nursing care”. Residential care assumes that a client can fulfil most of their own basic needs but may require assistance with mobility, dressing and bathing. Nursing care invariably requires medical support of some kind. The substantial decline in the number of hospital beds for older people in the 1970’s and 80’s, led to an increased demand for medicalisation of residential, or care home care and greater levels of dependency among care home residents. It was these circumstances which led a group of local medical professionals and business people to assess this need and provide a solution for the local community.

Project plans were developed and the focus from the outset was exemplary care. It was understood though that quality of care is more than the quality of accommodation and that good staffing would be essential. Facilities would be the best that were available and that continued growth and development would be vital in ensuring the continuation of the home for generations to come.

The chosen name, “Total Care” perfectly summed up management’s approach to their service provision.

A suitable development site was found in Chadderton in the form of an extensive, single storey office building which provided a blank space for the creation of a purposely designed and built care home of considerable proportions. Tailored to focus on the comfort and needs of the residents and to providing the best possible services, it transpired that this initial development was only the nucleus of a facility which would continue to grow in stature.

The absence of steps, stairs and awkward corners offered enhanced mobility and provided greater independence for clients. Automatic doors and a wealth of natural light created a comfortable environment and top quality furnishings throughout reflected the overall superiority of the home.

All the original principles have endured as the home has continued to develop over the decades and the facilities have been extended and enhanced. At Total Care, quality of care is not just a function of the quality of the accommodation or the level of training for staff but is also the overall attitude of staff and management to continue to be the best at what they do.

Total Care remains privately owned by Chadderton Total Care Unit Limited and is managed on a day-to-day basis by a Matron who is a Registered Nurse.

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“The absence of steps, stairs and awkward corners offered enhanced mobility and provided greater independence for clients”

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