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Paying For Your Care

The law says that where a local authority is funding accommodation, it must allow a person entering residential care to choose which care home they would prefer, within reason.

Social services must agree the home meets the needs required and it would not cost more than would normally be paid for a home that would meet those needs.

Local authority help with the cost of residential care is means-tested. Potential residents can make their own arrangements if they can afford the long term cost, however, it is worth asking the local authority for a financial assessment as it might pay for some or all of the care costs.

In the financial assessment, the local authority can only take into account income and assets that are owned. The local authority cannot ask members of a family to pay for the basic cost of care.

If a care home is chosen that costs more than the local authority usually expects to pay for a person with similar needs, it may still be possible to live in the care home if a relative or friend is willing and able to pay the difference between what the local authority pays and the amount the care home charges – this is known as a “top-up” fee. However, if their situation changes and they are no longer able to pay the top-up, the local authority may have no obligation to continue to fund the more expensive care home place and you may have to move out. It is worth thinking about this potentially difficult situation when deciding on care home options.

As a responsible service provider, Total Care will be pleased to offer general advice and to provide resources and contact information on this complex subject whereby a potential resident’s specific circumstances can be fully assessed.

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